I specialize in learning, training and development.

I’ve been writing for HR, executive and management audiences for more than 15 years. I’ve collaborated with experts on columns and newsletters, case studies and white papers on leadership and talent management … learning and innovation … mindfulness and neuroscience in the workplace. I work with training and coaching organizations to create powerful content and persuasive marketing material.

When I’m not writing about learning, leadership and workplace issues, I’m reading. I stay current on issues that are core to HR and talent professionals – and explore emerging ideas and practices.

In short, I understand the learning, training and development space in a way most copywriters and content marketers don’t.

I create content that connects.

Your customers and clients want to improve how their organization works. Your training solutions … insight … processes and practices … practical tools … all may be part of the mix. The trick is to connect with your buyers and users through compelling, clear messaging and content.

The ability to synthesize complex ideas, tell stories and find a fresh angle underpins my writing. Whether blog post or white paper, sales page or presentation, I write in ways that engage and inform.

Moving beyond a single story or project, I advise clients on new approaches for leveraging content and recommendations on content management strategy and processes.

I’m awesome to work with.

OK – that got your attention! But I do have a track record of success – and happy clients.

My experience, creativity and versatility are reasons clients hire me – repeatedly and with confidence. They appreciate my understanding of their business, strategic needs and day-to-day work realities. I’m professional and personable, too.

I know you’re juggling multiple projects and people. You may need a writer for a one-time project or an ongoing need. Sometimes you want close collaboration – other times, an easy handoff. No worries – I can work the way you work.

Ready to learn more or get started? Let’s talk.